1. Want to buy hash channels? FREE channels will be provided as trial; If channels work well for you,then we begin to next step to discuss the order details. Here is the reference price:

100 channels — Price 20 USA Dollar
1000 Channels — Price 100 USA Dollar
10K chanenls — Price 1000 USA Dollar

2. If you look for bulk message send service,reference price here:

10K Message Send — Price 100 USA Dollar
20K Message Send — Price 200 USA Dollar

100K Message Send — Price 8000 USA Dollar

Normally we could manage 50K Message send within 24 hrs.

3. For whatsapp number filter – (Filter the whatsapp users among millions of mobile phone numbers) – We could filter numbers as per every countries’ location but price higher

50K = 10 USA Dollar
Larger order will get lower price

4. To check whatsapp users last login time

50K = 30 USA Dollar

Contact me if you have more questions: whatsapp.abc@hotmail.com